Slide background
to clean
One Minute
One Brush
One Client

Step 1

Remove hairs
and dirt
through counter
rotating brushes

Step 2

Sanitize by
180° degrees
jet of steam

Step 3

by the flow
of hot air

Hair Brush professional cleaner and sanitizer

A revolution is born in the hairdressing sector: an automatic system which removes hair from brushes and sanitizes in only 1 minute, in total transparency, from one styling to another, under the attentive eyes of the client..

What Annameryca Futura does is summarized in five fundamental points:

  • Clean your hair brushes from every kind of dirty, gel lacquer included.
  • Improve your hairstyle process.
  • Avoid any allergy with an ecological approach.
  • Return a ,ready to use, wet clean hair brush.
  • It’s super easy to use

To guarantee top service and to develop customer loyalty, it is indispensable to offer the best in cleaning every shared equipment.

Manual cleaning of hair brushes is not only time consuming  but does not ensure sanitation capable of eliminating bacteria, bacilli, lice, viruses, fungi and microorganisms which cause many diseases such as scaling skin, seborrheic dermatitis and baldness.

Some Testimonials

Fabio Moio - Napoli

It’s like one more employee

Fabio Moio - Napoli Fashionmix

Marika Gastaldon - Treviso
We incredibly drop the number  of hair brushes in our saloon
Marika Gastaldon - Treviso La Nuova Immagine

Jean-Fernand Alvarez - Parigi
I solved a trouble
Jean-Fernand Alvarez - Parigi ALVAREZ Paris

Giovanna Giunta - Messina

My customer did aprreciate it alot

Giovanna Giunta - Messina Coiffeur Giunta Giovanna

Fabrizio - Australia
A long travel for a great satisfaction
Fabrizio - Australia Fabolous Hair Design

Corina Bedegoni - Venezia
I saw in Cosmoprof and i wanted in my new salon
Corina Bedegoni - Venezia Crazy Style

Most the feedback we have from the employers refer to Annameryca futura like a “gift” to their saloon and employees. We all know the old adagio: “take care of your customers and employees and the profits will follow…”